Tammy and Nina are first cousins and the daughters of Greek immigrants whose bond grew around their families’ respective dinner tables in St. Louis. Their fondest memories are scented with the smells and flavors of Greek cooking and echo with the passionate conversations of loving and lively families. The pair knew what the connection of family does when put into business. Both women played integral parts in the success of their respective family restaurants: for Tammy, Spiro’s Restaurant and The Tenderloin Room and for Nina, Bandana’s BBQ Restaurant and Makos Bros Cafeteria. Tammy and Nina’s roots are based in the powerful connections and memories that are created around a beautifully set table, and they are here to bring the same love to your table.

As adults, Tammy and Nina continued the tradition of hosting family gatherings, where they connected with their shared passion of design, florals, and hosting. With their experience of hosting and their eye for beautiful tablescapes, Set With Grace was born. Whether you’d like to incorporate your own culture or are seeking a pop of color, eye-catching florals, or a splash of luxury, this family duo are the ones to amplify your next event.

Meet Tammy

Tammy is a wife and mother of two amazing boys, as well as two dogs whom she adores. 

Tammy grew up in St. Louis where her family owned several restaurants (including Spiro’s and The Tenderloin Room). There she learned the importance of creating beautiful spaces for celebration, conversation, and connection. Setting tables and planning events are two skills she gained from her family’s business and has served her well in her passion for a beautiful table and making celebrations memorable. 

Tammy’s favorite moments are when she sets the table for the traditional Sunday brunch with her family. She loves hearing about her sons’ weeks, a replay of their latest round of golf, as well as their cravings for next week’s brunch menu. Her other passions include taking in a great hike with friends, a drive in her Jeep, and her career in healthcare. She looks forward to taking a Michelin star food tour, visiting Greece with her family, and creating memorable celebrations with the people she loves.

As one of the founders of Set With Grace, Tammy is excited to partner with her cousin Nina to bring the joy of connection around a beautiful table to you and looks forward to setting the scene for memories to come for your family and friends.

Meet Nina

Nina photo

Nina Seitz is from Saint Louis, Missouri, a mother of two boys, Joby and Jamie, and a daughter of Greek immigrant parents. As a result of her upbringing, Nina learned the importance of hospitality at a young age. Since then, Nina has cherished being surrounded by family and friends with beautiful set tables, including fresh flowers, a pop of color, Greek food with lovely presentation, good drink, and engaging conversations.

Nina continues this tradition with an eye to detail when setting an aesthetically pleasing table with layering and juxtaposition. It’s a form of love for her guests, and it brings her much joy to see everyone’s happiness come together at the table.

Furthermore, Nina acquired a love for interior design. Her former sister-in-law inspired this passion through her artistry, creating impeccable spaces that seemed effortless.

Traveling, antiquing, museum visits, and touring English gardens were a big part of Nina’s inspiration to make everything around her beautiful and to tell a story.

By combining the talents and passions of Nina and Tammy, Set With Grace was founded. These cousins look forward to welcoming you by offering an experience that will set the scene for cherished memories to come.