If you don’t see your question answered here, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my date?

We would recommend submitting your request to reserve your date 1 to 2 weeks in advance of your event. Please note that submitting your request does not automatically ensure that we will be able to accommodate your request. We will provide written confirmation that your request has been accepted by Set With Grace. 

 Q: What forms of payment do you request?

We currently accept payment via Venmo or check

 Q: Can I make changes to my order?

As long as items are not reserved by another client and do not exceed the capacity we can support, you can make changes to your order. 

 Q: Do I need to make a payment to reserve tablescape and date?

Yes. A 50% retainer and signed contract is required to reserve and confirm your date and tablescape. Final payment is due 48 hours before your scheduled event.

 Q: What if rental items are broken?

No worries. We understand accidents happen. If the item can be cleaned or repaired, you will only be charged for the cleaning or repair of the item. If your rented item cannot be cleaned or repaired (lost, stolen, chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged), we will bill you for the replacement cost of the item(s).

Q: Do I have to wash the pieces after my event?

No, the beauty of booking with Set With Grace is that we do that part for you. We just ask that any leftover food be scraped and thrown away. Please take care not to wash or stain treat any linen as we have a method to effectively remove stains so they do not set into the fabric.

Q: Why don’t you cater to a larger number of guests?

Set With Grace is a curated service intended to provide a unique and boutique experience utilizing a higher end product offering more than your average event rental company. We are only able to accommodate up to 10 guests; however, we can coordinate mix and match designs for up to 20. Contact us for more details or discuss options.

 Q: Can you deliver the tablescape and I set up?

Set With Grace is a white glove service which includes delivery, set up, and clean up. Our products are high end, some limited edition. The risk of breakage is high and, therefore, we will set up and clean up.

 Q: What area do you service? 

Set With Grace services most of St. Louis City and St. Louis County. We will, however, consider travel outside of this area for an additional fee. Contact us for more details.

Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule my reservation? 

Any requests to reschedule must be made in writing 72 hours prior to your event date and time.  We will work with you to reschedule your event based on availability.